Reach Out for Healthcare Science Programme 2017

June 29, 2017
I never knew that there were this many pathways for science. At first I thought it was all about being a doctor, but now I realise that there is more to it and you can become anything you want to be.

Overall it was a good experience in understanding other careers in science that aren’t medicine. I got a good understanding and insight.

​It was a very insightful work experience and I feel empowered by my knowledge of healthcare science and the impact it has on our society.​
​Really inspiring for year 10 students, it showed what I needed to do to become a Healthcare Scientist, and the experience of being in a hospital was very helpful.​
I was provided with so much information and guidance. Thank you for inviting me here. It was honestly an amazing experience and I advise everyone to come here!
Overall I really enjoyed this experience as I made new friends and my mentor Sophie was super friendly and really approachable. Thank you for this experience and thank you for widening my eyes to healthcare science.
​It was fun and enjoyable and you learn at the same time.​
The course is really intriguing as you have to use knowledge of basic science and adjust it into higher level science.
Thank you so much for this experience, it has been inspiring and now I may go into a career in healthcare science.
The atmosphere was great, everyone was determined to learn
​I enjoyed this course, I feel much more confident about careers in science and I have a wide knowledge about healthcare science careers.
​I really enjoyed this week. Coming here really made me more confident about what I want to be in the future.​
Going to the hospital labs and the university lab because I go to experience real life labs work which encourages me to continue with science studies.
Meeting new people and having a go at being healthcare scientists in different fields.​