Would you like to work as a Mentor for Exscitec?

We are looking for pro-active, bright, self-motivated graduates/undergraduates to work with us at events on an ad-hoc basis. You need to be enthusiastic about STEM and education as well as an effective communicator and a team player. You must have a STEM background.

What does a mentor do? 

  • Provide support and assistance to the participants on our programmes 
  • Support the participants both academically and pastorally 
  • Support learning and engagement under the direction of the academic leaders 
  • Form a working link with students and other mentors within the team 
  • Ensure that participants are safe and fully informed of all course detail 
  • Develop participants’ confidence and personal identity, skills, knowledge and abilities, enabling them to remain or become re-engaged in education during their transitions through education. 

Payment varies depending on hours worked, location and level of responsibility. Please email:  contact@exscitec.com for further information.