Yr 11/12 Medical Taster Day – January 2016

July 14, 2016

Fantastic event- enjoyed all activities thoroughly and the day further fueled my desire to continue the momentum of hard work to ultimately become a doctor.
Dr Khaki was amazing in his explanations. However, I do wish it was longer, so that we could have completed all the activities thoroughly.
Loved it, would have liked to do more, will certainly become doctor!
It was an amazing experience and I really enjoyed it! It was definitely worth it.
What did you like best about the event?
I enjoyed looking at the X-rays and the ECGs
Mostly the practical work such as practicing stitching but also very much enjoyed interpreting ECG scans
The activities we carried out
I liked that I got to stay with the person I came with and how the activity leader was very enthusiastic about the event
CPR practice
The learning about the assessment of ECGs and the life of a doctor/medical student
All the new skills we were able to learn such as stitching
I loved how engaging the whole event was, and how helpful the leader and mentors were with answering our questions regarding medicine.