Young Scientists Part 1

Young Scientists - Part 1

This year, our Young Scientists will take part in an exciting range of fun and hands-on activities highlighting just how much science has to offer!

In the chemistry lab we will look at molecules and atoms, learning the difference between solids, liquids and gasses and you will discover how to tell if a liquid is acid or base.

As biologists, we will learn about what the different types of cells in our body do, and we will investigate different diseases and how we can prevent them from spreading. Have you ever wondered what DNA looks like? We will be extracting DNA from fruit and even the human body!

Moving on to physics and maths, we will be out and about making rockets and trebuchets expanding on our knowledge of Newton’s Law, and you will discover how the theory of maths can help us engineer 3-Dimensional structures.


Emma Robertson

Dr. Emma Robertson:

Emma was a research scientist for over 10 years and now works in the field of STEM outreach and education. She has a degree in Biomedical Sciences, a PhD in Molecular Biology and has worked in labs in different countries – her favourite place was New York City!

Emma now creates and delivers a variety of STEM activities, and her hope is that she can make people as excited about science as she is.