In this course, we will discover some of the real world applications of mathematics theory - from discovering 2D shapes with just a single side, to running a hotel with an infinite number of rooms. We will make amazing mathematical origami that behaves quite unexpectedly and introduce a head-spinning new type of geometry where straight lines are curved.

You may have used mathematics to describe how a rocket moves through the air, but you may not have seen the effects that occur in the real world. We will introduce differential equations to get a rocket to the moon including the effects of air resistance and the fact that the mass changes as we burn through our fuel. Staying in space, we will show how it is possible to reach the nearest galaxy in a human lifetime, even though it would take over 2 million years to get there!

What would it be like if we could see or move in 4 dimensions instead of 3? For one thing you could see the back of your own head! We will also investigate equations that only have an imaginary answer, but produce incredibly complex and beautiful images known as fractals.

Through a combination of practical puzzles and experiments, to mind bending theory, we will uncover the far ranging uses that mathematical knowledge and understanding can have in the real world.

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Scott Marley:

Scott graduated from Manchester University with an MPhys in Physics and Astronomy in 2007. He then went on to work at Bradford University, running an observatory in Tenerife and producing and delivering educational offerings from the Bradford Robotic Telescope project. Over the next four years, he worked with thousands of pupils of all ages and abilities, highlighting the scientific progress that we have made so far and how they can get involved and make the discoveries of the future.

In 2011 he moved from Yorkshire to Berkshire and began his own company to deliver exciting and unique activities in physics and maths. After delivering education projects in China, India and Latvia he headed to Namibia to observe the southern sky, and spent two months running a telescope for researchers and the general public. In 2015 he moved to Herefordshire to continue his education work and enjoy the beauty of the darker skies.