Health & Human Sciences

Thinking about a career in healthcare but can’t choose between them? Health and Human Sciences gives you the chance to experience so many healthcare specialties in one week. You will meet and learn from healthcare specialists as you try out the latest technology being used to treat your eyes, .ears, mouth, muscles, diet and brain! From Freudian Psychology to Nike’s Physiotherapy and the Bake off Nutrition Challenge!

Throughout the week you will:

  • Dentistry: Using wax-work techniques to understand tooth morphology and create your own teeth moulds whilst learning about dentistry
  • Optometry: Learn to use an ophthalmoscope, treat glaucoma, dilate your own pupils, use 3-D mapping and learn about global causes of blindness from onchocerciasis to diabetic retinopathy
  • Psychology: Conduct your own psychology experiments using knowledge from Freudian, Milgram, Kahnemann. Challenge your mind through mindfulness, cognitive based therapy and learn about PTSD and Personality Disorders
  • Bake off Nutrition Challenge: Using nutrition knowledge, you will begin to create a healthier you through the Exscitec Bake Off Challenge with some amazing prizes to be won!
  • Physiotherapy: Using digital health wearables like FitBit to monitor your joint position, gait analysis and understanding Sports Science from Premier League football club coaches
  • Science Research: Using knowledge from bench to bedside
  • Pharmacy: Create your own home remedies to taste and try; learn about poisons and drugs as well as using forensic techniques to check toxicology
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Dr. Husain Khaki:

This course is designed and delivered by a Faculty of healthcare professionals from across the UK and Europe underall the overall guidance of Dr. Khaki. Husain Haiderali Khaki is an academic junior doctor and NHS England CE Fellow. His research interests are in the translation of empirical findings to health policy and international development more broadly. Recent projects have included addressing barriers to RUTF use in malnutrition, home-grown school feeding and the interplay between HAART-Hunger-HIV.

Husain trained at Imperial College (MBBS, BSc) and studied medical ethics at the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries (DPMSA). He was awarded the NRI International of the Year by TimesGroup/ICICI Bank, the Cochrane Prize by the Faculty of Public Health in the UK, the Global Health Young Leader of the Year award by the Royal Society of Medicine, as well as numerous medical school prizes.