Chemistry is all around us, especially in the food we eat and the perfumes we use on ourselves and our surroundings. This course will explore the chemistry of smell, taste and flavour to provide you with a new understanding of the invisible world of scent.


Ever wondered what makes lemons taste sour? Or why chocolate starts melting the moment you place it on your tongue? From the biochemistry of our senses of taste and smell to the different ways in which synthetic investigations from the start of the course.


During the week, you will learn some vital skills for being a scientist - from developing an experiment to reviewing other people’s theories. Finally, you will use your findings to create and pitch a new snack product to the rest of the group, voting for the winner!

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Ginny Smith:

Ginny loves science, and she thinks that everyone else should do too!

Ginny studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge, covering everything from Chemistry and Materials Science to Psychology and Neuroscience. Since graduating, she has had the opportunity to spread her love of science as a science communicator.