Recruitment Guide and Timescale:

Where possible students should apply to attend on the week hosted by the university and hospitals most local to their school.  You can check which district your school is in/you should apply for by clicking here


11th February 2019

Recruitment goes live.  Students should click the Apply Now button below to submit their applications.  ALL applications MUST be supported by a Teacher Declaration to confirm eligibility - click here to download and complete the Teacher Declaration 2019

29th March 2019   *** DEADLINE EXTENDED TO 10TH APRIL 2019 ***

Applications received after this date will be held in reserve

30th April 2019

Successful applicants notified.  Registration paperwork sent by email.  Ensure that your email address is correct when submitting your application as this is the contact email that will be used if a place is offered.

24th May 2019

Registration paperwork to be completed. Failure to return completed paperwork by the deadline may result in the offer of a place being withdrawn


Places will be allocated subject to the following criteria :

  • Students who meet the relevant criteria. To check criteria, please refer to the Teacher Declaration which MUST be submitted in support - this can be downloaded here : Teacher Declaration 2019
  • Students who attend schools local to the host university and hospitals. To check which district your school is in,  click here
  • Students who show an interest and aptitude in science and who have responded in full to the questions on the application form

NB: A maximum of 5 students per school may attend. Students who attend from the same school will be divided into different groups. This may result in students being located in different locations on the Tuesday and Wednesday.