Reach Out For Healthcare Science

Reachout For Healthcare Science


Reach Out for Healthcare Science 2020


** UCL Partners (North Central and East London) 8th - 12th June 2020**

** King's Health Partners (South London) 15th - 19th June 2020**

** Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust (North West London) 22nd - 26th June 2020**



Why should you apply?

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Aimed at year 10 students who are passionate about science, this exciting programme aims to provide eligible students with an awareness of the diverse range of career opportunities in healthcare science.

The programme is designed for students who enjoy science at school and are considering study and career opportunities in the future. The week-long programme will highlight the diverse range of career opportunities available within healthcare science in the NHS.

This course is designed to show the diverse range of career pathways available within the NHS, concentrating in particular on the roles of healthcare scientists.  This course will not be looking at the role of medical doctors, therefore if you are hoping that this opportunity will reinforce your desire to follow a career in medicine, then you may find that this course is not suitable for you.

Over 5 days, students will:

  • Experience life in busy London hospitals
  • Meet scientists working in Healthcare 
  • Take part in a wide range of practical activities in different areas of healthcare science
  • Gain confidence in their ability to enter a career in healthcare science
  • Experience life and study in a university environment
  • Find out what is required to follow a career in healthcare science.

Dates and Locations - please check the correct venue for your school by clicking on the "Which location/date should I choose?" box below before submitting your application 

Where possible, students should apply for the week that is nearest to their school.

Please see the recruitment guide and timescale page below for more detail.

  • Day 1: Based at host university - introduction into healthcare science, keynote speakers and an afternoon programme of activities to highlight how healthcare science has a vital role within hospitals
  • Day 2-3: Hospital based - students will experience a range of practical workshops highlighting healthcare science career opportunities within busy London hospitals​
  • Day 4-5: Based at host university - inspirational guest speakers​, science communication demonstration and final exhibition to parents, guests and VIP judges.

Prior to applying, we suggest that you look at this page:  The Healthcare Science Industry and watch this video:  Healthcare Science

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