Reach Out for Healthcare Science

Objectives of the Programme:
1. Provide access to work experience in healthcare science for 300 students from less advantaged backgrounds across London
2. Increase students' and their families' awareness of the range of career opportunities in the healthcare sciences and the study pathways they might follow to achieve a healthcare science career
3. Help students to affirm whether or not a career in healthcare science is a suitable option for them
4. Improve students' confidence in their ability to enter a career in healthcare science
5. Support a demographic diversification of the healthcare scientist workforce in London
6. Improve healthcare scientists' ability and confidence to deliver outreach activities.
 What do healthcare scientists do?
Despite healthcare scientists being the biggest workforce in Britain, you may not have heard of them as they have tended to take a background role. Now they are coming to the fore, increasingly being recognised by patients whose diagnosis and recovery depends so much on their expertise.
Healthcare scientists are at the heart of our NHS and are involved in 80% of all clinical decisions made in the NHS.
In four out of five cases, it is the tests and measurements carried out by healthcare scientists that decide the best way to care for a patient.
However, healthcare scientists do much more than test and measure. Some provide highly specialised hospital treatments for the critically ill but others work in public health or in the community, helping patients with breathing, hearing or other difficulties.
They are renowned as problem solvers, devising and providing solutions for patients with illness and disability as well as coming up with new ideas to solve complex problems across the NHS through their research and expertise.
There are 52 specialisms within healthcare science, with more and more developing all the time as science and technology develops at a fast pace:
Follow this link to explore the range of careers available:
Watch this short video to learn how healthcare scientists are driving innovation in the NHS today: