Our events are supported by mentors, typically on a ratio of 1:10.

Exscitec mentors are from all walks of STEM life, our team includes undergraduates, postgraduates and PHD students all of whom have a passion for promoting their subject areas. We train all of our mentors to get the very best out of their students and of course they all carry up to date DBS certificates.

Students are allocated to a group for the duration of their stay with us, each group is supervised by a mentor who will guide them through the course, both throughout the academic day and another pastoral mentor for the evening programme.

Take a look at some of our mentor feedback below. If you are from a STEM background and would like to become a Mentor please complete our enquiry form.

Check out some of our mentor testimonials

This year was my first mentoring and I had an absolute blast. I worked as a pastoral mentor (I wouldn't be much use in the classroom - I was terrible at Science!) and the students were a pleasure to work with. It was amazing learning so much from them and their cultures, being from all over the world, but also how much they wanted to find out about our culture. Being able to contribute positively on the life of the students is the best part and, despite only getting to know them for 3-5 days, you can't help but feel slightly sad that it's unlikely you'll ever meet them again. All in all, it's an amazing experience that I am proud to have been a part of.

My mentoring experience in the Exscitec events has been so enjoyable because the students I have worked with make each session rewarding with their genuine passion for learning. They don't just want to know the correct answer to a question, they want to know why it is the correct answer, which is certainly a vital quality for budding scientists. They are willing to challenge me with stimulating questions that I had never thought of before. What makes Exscitec special is that it's not just a one-way learning experience; the students have worked to solidify my own understanding of STEM topics, too.

I really enjoyed my academic mentoring role this summer. It is a really satisfying feeling to know that students have understood the theory behind the fun and interactive practical work Exscitec offers on its summer schools! The summer schools also provide fun activities for the students, which are equally as fun for pastoral mentors! A few of these include a trip to the London Eye, Madame Tussauds, the theatre and even the BBC Proms. I am really looking forward to continue working as both an academic and pastoral mentor in the future!

The best part is seeing the really outgoing, loud kids who probably aren't used to being stretched at school actually settle down and really get stuck into their work, (rather than distracting their classmates!) asking inquisitive questions and getting the answers they don't usually get to even ask the questions to.

On a practical basis, EXSCITEC has a wonderful team dynamic where each member is valued for their contribution and educational background. It is great to be able to work under and alongside people who not only have an inclination towards scientific creativity but are altruistic in wishing to foster that same curiosity in school students.

As a medical student, I am fortunate to benefit from the scientific breakthroughs of the past and learn to use them for the benefit of others. As a mentor for EXSCITEC, it really is a privilege to begin to inspire the next generation of budding scientists to pursue STEM subjects in the hope that one day they too will contribute to the long list of great British scientists.

It's so great having the opportunity to show these students the joys of science and technology in ways they'd never seen before. Helping them think through and understand the problem is fun and allows you to see things in a different way.

Mentoring with Exscitec is a great opportunity to see what I've been putting teachers through all these years! I really enjoy spreading the passion for STEM subjects, particularly engineering, as many students do not get to see what it is about.

Mentoring for Exscitec is easily the most enjoyable and fulfilling job I've had since I've been at university. Helping a new generation make sense of university is thoroughly rewarding and to do it with such a well-organised, sociable group of individuals at Exscitec only makes it more so.

Mentoring at Exscitec events and courses is always a pleasure. The quality of the teaching is consistently of a high standard, and the wide variety of activities never fail to engage all of the students in a fun and informative manner. I really enjoy mentoring at Exscitec events and courses, as there is always a really positive atmosphere, and it is great to see children and young adults getting involved and interested in STEM subjects.

I enjoyed having my own 10 students who are so eager and honest. As a group we loved to banter and include everyone, and they especially had lots of questions about being grown up. For me it made me realise how I have more experience than I think I have, but most importantly I can show them that being grown up is fun. Yes careers and learning matter, but it's more important to allow my students to learn through experiencing and observing.

I really enjoyed being given the responsibility of sharing my enthusiasm for oceanography but also STEM science with students keen to learn. They challenged me on a daily basis and made it a learning experience for me too. It was also great to meet other like-minded people working as mentors who were just so much fun to work with due to their passion and enthusiasm.

Mentoring is a great opportunity to share both my academic knowledge and personal experience of going through the transition of secondary school to university. I really enjoy getting students engaged into the subject and to see how they have fun learning.

I enjoy working for Exscitec because it is fun, rewarding and encourages young people to take up subjects that I thoroughly enjoy.

I really love the diversity of activities and experiences that mentors get; from being quizzed about university life to answering challenging and thought-provoking questions about my subject. Seeing the benefits that the students get from their time in the workshops and extra-curricular events is particularly rewarding.