Medical Discovery - Easter 2017 (Year 9-Year 11)

Dates: 10th – 13th April 2017

Venue: Uppingham School

Age: Year 9-Year 11

Cost: £400 per student (non residential) |  £800 per student (residential)

Residential option includes all meals, accommodation, day trips and evening programme
Non-Residential option includes lunch and day trips.

This jam-packed week is for students to get cutting edge exposure to life as a doctor.

Sessions include:

  • Anatomy and hands-on dissection; hearts, lungs and brains
  • Making medicines, and exploring herbal remedies and poisons
  • Neuroscience: Exploring the phenomena of consciousness, memory and sleep
  • Patient communication skills and the science of history taking
  • Examining patients and recording vital observations
  • Resuscitation and interpretation of Lung Spirometry, ECGs, X-Rays
  • Surgical skills from anaesthesia to stitching wounds

We have workshops and external visits themed around your favourite medical dramas, including Grey’s Anatomy: ‘Lets get Ethical’, Casualty: ‘The best of Holby Blue’, House MD: ‘Find me solutions not problems’ and Sports Science: ‘Meet the medics who treat athletes!’

Residential students will take part in a fun-packed programme of evening activities which may include; swimming, dance, climbing, mini-Olympics, tennis, basketball, orienteering, team building, film nights, chill out.

A foundation in the biological sciences will be assumed but don’t worry – all materials will be given during pre-reading and during the course. There are also a host of prizes to be won during Daily Doctor challenges.

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