Rules and Regulations 2017

 a) Expected behaviour

Participating in this Event will be very different from your experiences at school. The Event organisers wish all students to benefit from the course and to enjoy this new learning experience. In order to do this, you will be expected to show responsible behaviour while attending.

 We expect all students to treat the staff and each other with the respect and courtesy they would expect themselves.

 We will not tolerate inappropriate conduct such as swearing, rudeness, use of illegal substances, bullying, fighting or disrespectful behaviour.   Offensive comments related (but not limited to) race, gender, religious belief, ethnic background will be treated seriously.

 In the event of serious incidents of misbehaviour, the student(s) concerned will be asked to leave the event.    For this reason, details of two emergency contacts are requested.

 If it transpires that you have failed to disclose something to us which causes us concern in relation to your child’s behaviour or health/wellbeing, we reserve the right to ask you to collect your child immediately.

 b) Health and Safety

 For health and safety reasons, and for all students to have the opportunity to benefit and enjoy the experience, the following rules and regulations will be in operation.  We operate a zero tolerance policy towards alcohol, drugs, smoking or bad behaviour/bullying

  • Alcohol must not be brought onto the event site or consumed during the time you are on site
  • The purchase or use of any illegal substances is strictly forbidden
  • Smoking is not permitted. Underage smoking will contravene the code of behaviour
  • Students are expected to attend all timetabled activities (unless there is a valid reason and notification for absence, such as illness)
  • Students are not allowed to leave the event site without permission from appropriate course staff
  • For residential courses, at no time will a student enter the accommodation of the opposite gender
  • Students are expected to follow any emergency procedure, such as a fire drill, as directed by event staff.

c) Electronic Equipment

Students may bring mobile phones to the event, but it is forbidden to use these during the academic sessions.

 Students can bring their own laptops, iPads etc but this is entirely at their own risk and we cannot accept any responsibility for these items.  Laptops are not required to enable students to complete the work given – all materials and resources are provided.

 Any other items of value are permitted at the Event, but the safety of these items is solely the responsibility of the student.


d) Responsibility for your child

 The organisers of the course are responsible for the welfare of your child while he/she is attending the programme. As parent(s)/carer(s), you are responsible for the welfare of your child up to the hand-over point at the beginning of the event, and again from the hand-over point at the end of the programme.

 During the day, your child will be supervised by the Deliverer of their strand, their mentor and/or the Event Co-ordinators.  If staying residentially, your child will be supervised pastorally by their pastoral mentor, the Senior Residential Assistants and/or the Event Co-ordinators.

 The Senior Residential Assistants are responsible for the care and welfare of all residential students from the end of the academic day until breakfast the following morning.


e) First Aid and Security

 The University has 24 hour security surveillance and first aid support. The security personnel are aware when there are visitors on the campus; they are always able to contact the event team should a participant become detached from the group or should there be any other cause for concern.


f) Transport and Insurance

 Students are responsible for both arranging and the cost of travel to and from the Event. You should ensure that you are covered by your own insurance for travel to and from the course.

 While you are at the Event you will be covered by the public liability policy.

Transfers to campus are available - please provide details of incoming flights.  Students may be required to wait at the airport until the next available pick up time while groups from different countries assemble.


g) Behaviour and Timekeeping

 It is desirable, and expected of you, that you will adhere to the Code of Behaviour.  Disruption to the course by any student will not be tolerated and should this occur they will be removed from the course.

 At no time should a student leave the University without being accompanied by a mentor or member of staff.


h) Our Duty of Care

 In order to safeguard the welfare of young people whilst in our care, Exscitec shares good practice, policy and procedures across all our events. We are committed to ensuring the health, well being and safety of young people.

 Within our duty of care we shall ensure that:

  • The safety of young people is paramount to the processes of outreach delivery; and recruitment, selection and training of relevant staff
  • A Principal Safeguarding Officer and Designated Support Staff are identifiable to all those who might interact with our working environment
  • Appropriate and effective supervision, reporting and whistle-blowing mechanisms are in place
  • Reports regarding young people are treated confidentially
  • This policy and procedures document is updated regularly and is communicated to all relevant parties
  • The policy and procedures are consistent with those adopted by the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus.


This policy applies to everyone temporarily or permanently affiliated with our activities. The Principal Safeguarding Officer (Alan West) is supported by a team of Designated Support Staff (Exscitec Staff) who lead a variety of events across the year. All staff who work alongside the young people on our courses have a valid enhanced DBS (Formerly CRB – the Criminal Records Bureau) check, and have been vetted to ensure their suitability to work with children. Full versions of our safeguarding policy are available from Exscitec on request.


i) Photographs/Media

From time to time, photographs and/or video/digital footage are taken during our activities. These pictures may appear, with no names attached, to encourage other young people to take part in these events (for example, by using it in future printed and web-based event publicity or in prospectuses). Please write to us at  if parental permission for media use has not been granted (quoting student first name, last name, and course).


j) Event IT Facilities

 Please read the following ‘Conditions of Use of IT Facilities’ in order that we may allocate you a login for use – should it be required - during your stay.

 Access to the Internet via IT Facilities is to be supervised by Event staff, and connectivity to the wireless network, therefore, is not permissible for our Event students.

Conditions of Use of Information Technology (IT) Facilities

The User agrees and accepts that:

  1. Use of the IT facilities, and their use to access the internet, must be for the purpose of research, teaching, coursework, associated administration or other authorised use. No 'private/commercial' work is permitted without prior authorisation. IT facilities include the network, the virtual private network (VPN), computers, printers and the associated services e.g. software, data, Web, bulletin boards, data bases.
  2. When using IT facilities the User must comply with the Information systems security policy and all relevant statutory and other provisions, regulations, rules and codes of practice. Specifically, but not exclusively, the User must:

Not disclose to others her/his login name/password combination(s) or access or attempt to access IT facilities for which permission has not been granted or facilitate such unauthorised access by others.

Not use or produce materials or resources to facilitate unauthorised corruption, changes, malfunction or access to any IT facilities.

Not display, store or transmit images or text which could be considered offensive e.g. material of a sexual, pornographic, paedophilic, sexist, racist, libelous, threatening, defamatory,  or terrorist nature.

Not forge email signatures and/or headers, initiate and/or forward 'chain' or 'junk' or 'harassing' email.

Not play unauthorised games.

Respect the copyright of all material and software made available by the School facility and third parties and not use, download, copy, store or supply copyright materials including software and retrieved data other than with the permission of the Copyright holder or under the terms of the licence held by the course facility.

  1. All data/programs, including email, created/owned/stored by the user on or connected to IT facilities may, in the instance of suspected wrong doing, be subjected to inspection by statutory authorities. Should the data/programs be encrypted the User shall be required to provide the decryption key to facilitate decryption of the data/programs.
  2. Other than any statutory obligation, the course facility will not be liable for any loss, damage or inconvenience arising directly or indirectly - from the use of, or prevention of use of, any IT facility provided and/or managed by the course facility.
  3. Whilst the organisers take appropriate security measures against unauthorised access to, alteration, disclosure, destruction or accidental loss of personal and other data it cannot and does not give any warranties or undertakings to the USER about security, confidentiality or integrity of data, personal or other. The same applies to other IT material submitted to or processed on facilities provided or managed by the course facility or otherwise deposited at or left on its premises.
  4. His/Her name, address, photograph, status, email name, login name, alias, or other related information may be stored in computerised form for use for administrative and other purposes e.g. monitoring system usage.
  5. As provided by The Telecommunications (Lawful Business Practice) (Interception of Communications) Regulations 2000, made under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000, the course facility managers will intercept and monitor electronic communications for the purposes permitted under those Regulations in accordance with the Code of Practice on Monitoring Electronic communications in the Information Systems security Policy.
  6. These conditions apply to non-facility owned equipment e.g. personal Laptops, home PCs when connected to its network, directly and/or via the VPN, for the duration that the equipment is using the facility network.

Any breach of these conditions may lead to disciplinary procedures being invoked, with penalties which could include suspension from the use of all computing facilities and/or fines. Serious cases may involve civil or criminal action being taken against the User.

Please Note:

Any data stored on the file server relating to this login name will be deleted at the end of the course.



Frequently Asked Questions

How many students will there be at this event?

There will be a maximum of 200 per week students attending on a residential/non-residential basis.

What will I eat?

For residential students, breakfast, lunch, dinner and refreshments are provided; non-residential students will have lunch and refreshments only.  There is a wide choice of food available to suit all tastes.

I have specific dietary requirements – what should I do?

If you have any specific dietary needs such as nut/food allergies or lactose intolerance, please let us know once your booking is confirmed

All meals will be halal but there will also be a vegetarian option available at  mealtimes.  You will need to make a request for kosher food.

What is your cancellation policy?

We understand that sometimes the unexpected occurs and plans change.   In this situation, please contact us to discuss ways in which we may be able to assist.

Bookings cancelled by the Client will be charged for as follows:

In all cases the 25% non-refundable deposit will be retained by Exscitec

In addition the following charges will apply:

Notification of cancellation – until 4 weeks prior to the start of the event

35% of the booking value i.e 25% non refundable deposit plus an additional 10%

Notification of cancellation –less than 4 weeks prior to the start of the event

100% of the booking value will be retained by Exscitec

We request that any cancellations be confirmed in writing.  The charge will be calculated on the date written notice is received by Exscitec.

Do I need travel/medical insurance?

We strongly recommend that you ensure you have suitable travel and medical insurance in place to cover you in case of emergency.

I am staying residentially – what will my accommodation be like?

All residential students will be housed in single en-suite accommodation

Male and female students will be housed  separately. Senior Residential Assistants will be on duty from 16:30 – 08:45.  Regular patrols will be made.

Bedding is provided. You will need to bring toiletries, change of clothes and any personal items which you may require.  Bring an extra towel for swimming.

My friend is coming – can I share with them?

If you would like to share a bedroom with your friend it can sometimes be arranged if twin rooms are available. Please make us aware of this request as soon as possible and we will try to accommodate this.

Can I leave the residential course at any time?

A full programme of supervised evening pastoral activities is included in the residential course and students are encouraged to take part in all events. Once the event  is under way permission to leave the course will only be given in extenuating circumstances. Written permission from a parent/guardian will be required at least 48 hours in advance. These rules are for the safety of our students and apply regardless of age.

Can I call home?  Is there internet access?

It is important that you contact home and students are encouraged to do so (during the recreational periods only). Access to the internet will be available and time will be set aside each evening in order to facilitate this.

Will I get a certificate?

All students who complete the Event will be awarded a Certificate.

What happens if there is an emergency whilst I am at the event?

We require all students to provide us with emergency contact details (landline/mobile and email) for at least two adults (parents/guardians/relatives).

In an emergency, the Event Manager can be contacted 24hrs a day using the number that will be provided on the Joining Instructions.


Will it be safe?

All students and staff on an event must wear their ID badges at all times.

Exscitec Staff will have obtained a UK Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) checks, in compliance with our safe recruitment policy and procedures. Staff are trained in Safeguarding the Welfare of young persons participating in our events.   University of Nottingham staff and mentors will be covered by the University of Nottingham Malaysia campus police check system and the designated Safeguarding officer is professor Andrew Morris.  The Principal Safeguarding Officer (Alan West) is supported by a team of Designated Support who lead a variety of Outreach events across the year. Full versions of our safeguarding policy are available from Exscitec on request.

Exscitec cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss of personal belongings.


I am an International Student – what level of English is required?

This event is taught in English so you must be confident in spoken and written English.  We reserve the right to ask you to undertake a short test to confirm your ability.  If the participant’s level of English is not sufficient to understand leaders and puts safety at risk, then we reserve the right to remove students from some activities.

Can you organise my flights and transfers?

Unfortunately, we cannot arrange your flights.  However,  for unaccompanied students flying from the UK, we have a mentor flying out with Malaysia Airlines from Heathrow at 10.45 am on 30th July - if you wish your child to take this flight, please contact us for further details. 

Do I need a visa?

It is the responsibility of all students to check visa and travel documents required for  leave and return to their country of origin.

We can provide a letter confirming details of the course to assist with your application on request.