Edufarm STEM Camp in partnership with Exscitec

The Organic STEM Garden

3rd - 9th June 2018


Edufarm is an education centre and research station dedicated to contributing to a young generation with a vision of developing Safe Agriculture - Sustainable Agriculture - Smart Agriculture in Vietnam within the changing rural economy of Vietnam.

In partnership with Exscitec, an established provider of residential STEM programmes, The Organic STEM Garden will provide a set of thematic STEM challenges to groups of school students (Grade 7 – 10) through a residential STEM Camp within the campus of Edufarm.

The students will engage in problem solving challenges designed to develop agricultural and food practices into viable business propositions fit for the changes associated with 4.0 – The Fourth Industrial Revolution. Students will learn how to take invention into the market as an economic proposition.

Students will complete a project towards the end of the week, choosing one of these topics to create a business plan for a new product, which will be presented on the final day

Using ‘added value’ measurements for agricultural and natural products and processes students will compete to take their inventions to market in a number of key areas:

  • Organic agriculture
  • Plant biodiversity
  • Protection of soil within a changing climate
  • Insect friends and foes
  • Natural products
  • Biotechnology

They will use STEM knowledge from Biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics and engineering to identify pathways through which the rural economy of Vietnam can compete within a global food security and food supply environment. Teams will also learn key skills linked to problem solving, research, team working and communication and presentation.

Practical activities and learning will focus on:

  • understanding the design of an organic garden
  • the importance of insects and natural pesticides
  • plants and their medicinal properties
    soil composition and how to propagate microorganisms
  • the extraction of essential oils from plants and how these are used in products (e.g. lip balm, candles)

Students will be:

  • Accommodated in purpose built residential houses on the Edufarm Campus.
  • Accompanied by their teachers
  • Taught in small groups by STEM Experts and research scientists
  • Provided with all meals on Campus
  • Given a full social programme alongside their academic programme
  • Given a certificate recording their achievements

The course fee per student inclusive of all accommodation, food and tuition fees is GBP £758.00  (24,500,000 VND)

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