This form should be read by the student who intends to participate in the programme, and also read by the student’s parent or guardian. On receipt of a completed application, it will be assumed that the Code of Behaviour/Student and Parent Declarations have been read and understood.

Participating in this programme for a week will be very different from your experiences at school. The programme organisers wish all students to benefit from the course and to enjoy this new experience. In order to do this, you will be expected to show responsible behaviour while attending the programme.

Rules and regulations

For health and safety reasons, and for all students to have the opportunity to benefit and enjoy the experience, the following rules and regulations will be in operation.

Alcohol must not be brought onto the programme’s sites or consumed during the programme

The purchase or use of any illegal substances is strictly forbidden

Smoking is not permitted on site. Under age smoking will contravene the code of behaviour

Students are expected to attend all timetabled activities (unless there is a valid reason and notification for absence, such as illness)

Students are not allowed to leave the programme without permission from appropriate staff

Students are expected to follow any emergency procedure, such as a fire drill, as directed by Course Leaders

In the event of serious incidents of misbehaviour, such as fighting, bullying, racial abuse or the use of illegal substances, the student(s) concerned will not be allowed to continue on the programme.

During the programme, especially at your first time in a new location, staff may explain some additional rules and regulations that will apply to activities currently being planned.  As such, it is expected that you will adhere to them for your own health and safety, and that of other students and staff.


Behaviour and Timekeeping

It is desirable, and expected of you, that you will adhere to the Code of Behaviour. Disruption to the course by any student will not be tolerated and should this occur they will be removed from the programme. At no time should a student leave the programme unless by prior arrangement.

Our Duty of Care

In order to safeguard the welfare of young people whilst in our care, Exscitec shares good practice, policy and procedures across all our events. We are committed to ensuring the health, well being and safety of young people.

Within our duty of care we shall ensure that:

  • The safety of young people is paramount to the processes of outreach delivery; and recruitment, selection and training of relevant staff
  • A Principal Safeguarding Officer and designated support staff are identifiable to all those who might interact with our working environment
  • Appropriate and effective supervision, reporting and whistle-blowing mechanisms are in place
  • Reports regarding young people are treated confidentially
  • This policy and procedures document is updated regularly and is communicated to all relevant parties.

This policy applies to everyone temporarily or permanently affiliated with our events. The Principal Safeguarding Officer (Alan West) is supported by a team of designated support staff (Exscitec staff) who lead a variety of events across the year. All staff who work alongside the young people on our courses have a valid enhanced DBS check, and have been vetted to ensure their suitability to work with children. Full versions of our safeguarding policy are available from Exscitec on request.

Insurance and Risk Assessments

While you are on University premises you will be covered by the University public liability policy. Exscitec also has full public liability insurance.

All activities will be risk assessed and Risk Assessments will be available on request at the time of the course.

Student Declaration

We place considerable importance on the need for attention to Health and Safety at work. You have the responsibility to acquaint yourself with the safety rules of the work place, to follow these rules and make use of facilities and equipment provided for your safety.  It is essential that all accidents, however minor, are reported.

We also expect you to observe other rules and regulations governing the workplace which are drawn to your attention. Please note that there is a No Smoking Policy covering the whole working environment and that there are security arrangements applicable to most locations.

We fully support equal opportunities in employment and oppose all forms of unlawful or unfair discrimination on the grounds of race, ethnic origins, gender, disability, age, religion or sexuality.


By submitting an application, you are agreeing to the following:

I acknowledge receipt of the Code of Behaviour Agreement and agree to adhere to the rules and regulations listed, and also to any additional rules and regulations explained to me during the course

I certify that any computer usage is for the purpose of the organisation named above or other authorised use. I accept that no ‘private’ work is permitted without prior authorisation. I also certify that I have read and agree to abide by the conditions of the use as set out on this form.

I understand that I will not be allowed to continue on the course in the event of serious misbehaviour on my part.

Parent Declaration

I have read the  Code of Behaviour information and understood the requirements. I will ensure the student carries out these obligations and confirm that he/she is not suffering from any complaint, which might create a hazard to him/herself or to those working with him/her.

I confirm that the information provided in my child’s application form is true and correct; I give my permission for my child to attend the programme; and I consent to the data I have provided within being retained by the Course Organisers as part of my child’s application.

I have read and understood the Exscitec terms and conditions, ( and the Code of Behaviour and agreement, and accept that my child must abide by these Conditions.

Media permissions

Photos and video footage may be taken in order to promote the programme in the hope of gaining the funding and backing required to continue and expand the programme over the coming years.

If you do not wish your child’s image to be used in any future publicity, please contact to advise.