International Development - Schools

STEM in Schools

Exscitec is working with Saigon Scientists to support a raft of school-based STEM programmes for students. Exscitec is also working to develop programmes outside of Viet Nam by building partnership links with schools offering good facilities for STEM activity. Work in progress included building STEM weeks to operate during the vacation periods and also STEM Club supported initiatives.


Based on the extensive experience gained by Exscitec in supporting the development and operation of the Reach Out Lab at Imperial College London, Exscitec is supporting Saigon Scientists in advising on the development of STEM Lab and Maker Spaces within schools in HCMC.


Working under a MoU with the British Science Association (BSA) Exscitec is exploring the operation of CREST Awards within public and international Schools in Viet Nam and potentially other ASEAN countries.

Whilst STEM is being introduced into the core curriculum of public schools in Viet Nam by MOET and implemented by provincial DOETs, it does not form part of the current testing systems in schools. Current pilot work in partnership with Saigon Scientists is exploring the potential of CREST as an internationally recognised system for accrediting STEM and STEAM activity.