International Development - Training of Trainers (ToT) - Teacher CPD

The Training of Trainer Programmes

The Training of Trainer programmes operated in Viet Nam were based on the extended period of consultancy delivered by Exscitec under the remit of the British Council Newton Fund and the Ministry Of Education and Training in Viet Nam (MOET).

Exscitec delivered a report on the year-long pilot STEM programme which engaged 14 public schools in the North of Viet Nam. Pilot schools were from Hanoi and surrounding provinces; rural and urban.

The report (Towards a STEM Curriculum Entitlement for all Vietnamese Students) recommended a training cascade for established teachers (ToT) as part of an implementation strategy.

This recommendation has been adopted in a number of provinces but notably in Ho Chi Minh City where Exscitec has been working to support a Department Of Education and Training (DOET) ToT initiative organised originally by by Saigon Scientists and now through STEMax supported through a partnership with Exscitec. Over 1000 teachers from public schools have received the 3-day training programme to March 2019.

Exscitec, supported by STEMax has rolled the ToT programme out to International School Groups including WASS (Western Australian School System) and notably Singapore International Schools – KinderWorld Group (SIS-KWG).

The SIS-KWG training supported teachers from all of the Group’s campuses, North and South in two sets of training workshops. Round 1 developed whole school thematic approached to the challenge of Plastics in the Environment. Round 2 focused on the introduction of CREST Awards to support Problem/Project Based Learning (PBL) alongside but in support of the KWG teaching model.

Plans for 2021/22 will take the ToT/CREST implementation programme into more school groups by providing a blend of Virtual and face-to-face support.