Technology in a Changing World

Week Week 2 only
Title Technology in a Changing World
Description Technology is changing the way that engineers think. The future of successful economics depends on those who are able to design and build innovative technology, but they also have to develop good leadership, team and employability skills to help motivate and get the best from their co workers. This course focuses on the engineering design process and learning habits of the mind. There is a core element of employability and team building to each student develop these vital skills. During this strand, you will work together to develop core robotics skills using innovative construction and automation kits, but it will also focus on leadership, communication, interpersonal skills, team building, conflict management and problem solving skills.
Topics Introduction “getting to know you”
Team building exercise. Build Geodesic dome
Simply robotics using the Boe Bot
Microcontrollers - using a simple bread board
Build a Hovercraft
Bridge building, paper and Knex
Working with magnets and electrical circuits
Flight workshop - Build and fire rockets