Hunt for Microplastics

Week Week 1 only
Title Hunt for Micro Plastics
Description Plastics have been around us for over 100 years in a variety of forms. However, what is becoming clear is that although large plastic waste may be seen to degrade, it is actually these smaller fragments that cause so much damage to the environment. These micro plastics are visible only under a microscope and have to be illuminated in order to be seen. But where do these micro plastic particles end up in the environment? We will hunt for them on beaches and also in the water column of the sea. Micro plastics are also manufactured for products we use, such as toothpaste - but the same question remains about the final destination of these materials. Join the hunt!
Topics Polymers and their properties
Degradation of polymers to micro plastic particles
Fieldwork to find micro plastics in the environment
Detecting micro plastics in the laboratory
Quantifying the problem
Field Trip